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How & Why Wireless Networks Can Be the Safer Solution

The transition from wired to wireless networks is happening across the business world, especially as the technology underpinning wireless advances. Besides the convenience factor, wireless is also increasingly preferred over wired networks due to the security benefits available through proper implementation. However, many IT departments and companies are unfamiliar with the security advantages of wireless, especially given its shaky reputation in the past. Here is what you need to know about the wireless of today and how it stacks up against wired networks.

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5 Data Center Trends Changing Business as You Know It

Many of today’s sleekest, most sophisticated data centers have the humblest of beginnings. Whether you are upgrading your existing facility, building a new one, or considering outsourcing your data center to one of the growing number of hardened hosting facilities, here are five things to think about while preparing for the future.

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10 Things Every Small Business Should Know About Network Security

We like to think of the world as a safe place, and that the likelihood of harm coming to your small business via cyber attack is low. However, the truth is that there are individuals out there who would like nothing more than to access your company’s sensitive data for their own gain. It’s the modern equivalent of bank robbery, and hundreds of businesses each year fall victim to this type of theft. Read more